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  • redirect your domain to any other URL-address
  • forwarding of e-mails addressed to your domain to another mailbox
  • possibility of masking the real addresses of your websites
  • domain catch-all mailbox
  • settings changed immediately after sending in a request
  • simple and inexpensive solution for the demanding client

Who is this service for?

Redirect is the ideal and inexpensive solution for customers who wish to use domains and emails registered with us, but hosted on servers located elsewhere.

How to save even more money

If you have multiple domains that you wish to redirect, you can order a single service - the Maximum Plan, and all other domains will be forwarded through multihosting - for free. This way you will experience the best webhosting service, with 100% guaranteed uptime.

Order domain


Don’t be left behind

You certainly don’t wish to have someone register the domain you have been looking at, before you do... Feel free to use our services, whether you are a corporation or a private individual!

Save on fees

Register your domains at the lowest prices. You can park your domains here for any length of time. You can order webhosting later, when you need it.

You control your own DNS records

In the administration interface you can manage DNS records for each registered domain, free of charge.

Personal tip

Choose a domain name from a list of expired domains.


What do you value most?

1. 100% uptime guarantee

We make great efforts to ensure your websites and emails operate without any downtime.

2. Loyalty program

Loyal customers receive lower pricing and many other benefits.

3. We know how to help you

No one can beat our level of technical knowledge and service.

4. Jet-fast

Instant domains and hosting - in less than ten minutes. Yes, it is possible. Experience it for yourself!

5. Fantastic support

Everything is possible. Even the processing of your request in just five minutes. 


  • the world's top registrar of .sk domains
  • Slovak largest registrar of .eu domains
  • Slovak market leader in web hosting
  • tens of thousands of satisfied customers
  • millions of web sites operated

Hotline + 421 910 96 96 01
(daily 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM)

Technical support: +421 33 29 33 500 (#2)
Payments, invoices: +421 33 29 33 500 (#3)

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